Spoken English Training Program


VLC institute  has great pleasure in welcoming you all to VLC institute. You are all here in the Beginners Level of English This program is open to anybody above 10 years of age, and who knows Tamil. The learner will learn acquire the basics of English and at the end of the Program the learner will be able to read and write simple words common in everyday situations. Getting introduced to the main aspects of learning the language elevates the learner to the level of communicating for basic needs. The program is designed for 20 to 120 hours. 


VLC institute  has great pleasure in welcoming you all to VLC institute You are all here in the Grammar Level of English. All of you are here with just one final goal – to be able to speak English fluently and correctly. In order to achieve that, you must understand the basic grammar structures in the English language. If you want to build a high-rise building, the foundation must be strong and then we keep adding floors. Similarly, in order to speak English fluently and correctly, your foundation in English – which is nothing but the basic grammatical structures, must be good and strong. We have identified some of the most important structures in English language and given them to you in this course. But remember, these are only the structures and you must practice more and more to attain a good level of proficiency in English.

Understanding grammar means knowing how to use it in new situations, knowing how to express our ideas without having to think “Am I saying / writing this correctly?” , and above all it means being able to understand what other people are saying or writing.

These are the most relevant topics of Grammar to be learnt if you desire to speak English correctly.

Nouns : The more nouns you know in a language the better you will be able to communicate.

Verbs: With verbs communicate about different events in your lives.

Articles :  Have Clarity with the usage of  A , AN or THE…

Adjectives : When they are used correctly they can make your conversation or your piece of writing very interesting. They help you to say that  you are  Adventurous, Skilled, Innovative, an Easy – Going Person or Fun Filled Person.

ADVERB:  They help to add emotional depths, clarity, and motives. They can be considered as emojis that help the recipient to get the message correctly with all rendered emotions. In addition, adverbs can bring rhythm and texture to any sentence, making it far better so that you can speak Naturally and people can clap Enthusiastically to your speech.

The Tenses are the most important part of English Language. If you wish to write a correct sentence or wish to say anything to anyone, you need to express the idea in the right form of Tenses.

Tenses form the backbone of the English language. The tense, which is most appropriate to express the idea, should be used, else the statement/question would express something opposite to what you wanted to state or write. A little knowledge or incorrect knowledge of the tenses might land the student in trouble. VLC knows it very well and teaches you all  the tense without any tense most importantly in a very easy way that even any Tamil Medium student could understand it.

  1. I study in VLC.
  2. I studied in VLC.
  3. I will study in VLC.
  4. I am going to study in VLC.
  5. I am studying in VLC.
  6. I was studying in VLC
  7. I will be studying in VLC.
  8. I have studied in VLC.
  9. I knew you had studied in VLC
  10. I will have studied all the tenses in VLC in 2 months.
  11. I have been studying in VLC for 2 months.
  12. I had been studying in VLC until I started speaking fluently.

Great Speaking but Simplified in VLC as we know your problems and the solutions to it.

Gerunds: Who said Gerunds come so easily only to native speakers? VLC enables you to use it naturally and speak flowing sentences.

Infinitives: VLC empowers you to use simple infinitives to indicate the purpose of your action.

VLC teaches you MODAL VERBS making you express Certainty, Possibility, Willingness, Obligation, Necessity and Ability and the Hypothetical Situations so that Anyone can speak English with the guidance of VLC. Maybe you Could not speak confidently before but now with the help of VLC you can. You might doubt yourself but VLC will never.

Direct speech to Indirect Speech : Want to say perfectly what someone else told you? VLC equips you with all the simplest strategies and of course make you use it.

Active Voice to Passive Voice : Want to excel in Academic writing?  VLC educates you at Passive Voice when you want to be vague about who is responsible or to emphasize the  action.

The program is open to those who have completed the Beginners’ Program or for those who have the proficiency equivalent to the Beginners’ Program. This program will strengthen the skills acquired In Beginners’ Program. The reinforcement widens the range of grammatical functional usage skills of the language. At the end of the program the learner will be able to write sentences and prepare drafts. This is an apt course for all students up to +2 to enhance their grammar skills. The program is designed for 40 hours. 


VLC institute  has great pleasure in welcoming you all to VLC institute. You are all here in the Conversation level of English . All of you are here in this class to attain a good level of fluency in English. Most of you, I am sure, understand English very well and can even read and write reasonably well. The problem with most of our learners is their inability to speak, which is mainly due to lack of confidence.

To help you develop this fluency in English communication, we have selected some of the most important topics for everyday conversation. These forty hours will definitely improve not only your English communication skills but also your basic life skills.

Today, English alone is not enough. We need to master certain basic life skills as well. That’s the reason we are going to train you on these basic life skills. In order to be able to speak English fluently, the first thing you must start doing is to ‘start speaking’. Learning grammar and structures alone will not help you, you must also have lot of confidence and absolutely NO HESITATION.

Our faculty will be happy to help you in your language needs. Feel free to talk to them and get your doubts clarified.

Our only suggestion is do not stop speaking English the moment you go out of this classroom. Try to speak in English whenever and wherever you get and opportunity.  Also listen to English whenever and wherever you can. And most importantly START SPEAKING………. from NOW ON….. and our Course will help you to do it with ease with the following chapters enriched with Perfect English in your Advanced English Program.

Our Course Details :

Basic Conversation :

  1. Greeting
  2. Introducing
  3. Occupation
  4. Hobbies and Interests
  5. Describing yourself
  6. Ending a conversation
  7. Interactive Exercises

Situational Conversation:

  1. Requesting
  2. Thanking
  3. Apologizing

Situational Group Conversation

  1. Seeking and Giving Advice
  2. Seeking and Giving Permission
  3. Asking for Information
  4. Asking for & Giving Directions
  5. Seeking & Giving directions
  6. Hospitality and offering Help
  7. Persuading
  8. Inviting
  9. Common Expressions
  10. Cribbing Situations

Stress , Intonation & Accent




Vowels Pronunciation Practice Exercises

Interview Skills

Fear, Confidence & Attitude

Preparation for an Interview

Probable Interview Questions

Mock Interviews

Group Discussion

Basics of Group Discussion

Mock/Live Group Discussion – Topics

Telephone Skills

Dos Don’t’s & Etiquette of Telephone Conversation

Landline & Mobile Conversations

Mock Telephone Conversations


Preparation for a Debate

Mock Debates Exercises

This is open to those who wish to widen their range of communication beyond common situations. The program will make the learners strengthen their communication skills and make them self-sufficient in English. Through a large variety of training techniques and language laboratory practices, the learner becomes fluent. This program includes training in developing Personality skills besides improving skills in public speaking, polite conversation and exemplary etiquette. The learner reaches a level of command over the language at the end of the program, which is 40 hours. 

Fast Track Program

This is open to professionals and business people who want to learn English in a hurry especially to face interviews, to take up jobs, to travel abroad with spouse, or to participate in meetings, seminars and conferences.

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10 Proven Methods To Master Communication Skills And Spoken English

If you are here, it means you really want to improve your English and communication skills.

Stop! Before you go any further, ask yourself why do you want to learn English? Picture yourself speaking English really well, how does that make you feel?

Now, VLC wants you to list the things that will change if you speak English better.

For example, your reasons could be – better grades, better Job, promotion, going to an English speaking country, making friends……and so on.

So the reason you want to improve communication skills and spoken English has to involve two things mainly:
  • A very strong need to learn the language.
  • Love for the language.

Let’s say you are in dire need to learn English but if you fail to love it, it’s going to get tougher.

So, make sure you have the above two things involved in your language learning journey.

Spoken English Coaching In Tambaram

VLC advocates 10 practical tips which will be extremely helpful in improving your language.

LISTEN To Native English Speakers

Everything starts from listening.

Pay attention to the way the native speakers converse or speak – the sound, the frequency,the words, the phrases, the expressions and EVERYTHING.

Remember, to improve communication skills and spoken English, the process doesn’t just involve the language but the culture, the trends and many such things.

Best Spoken English Coaching In Tambaram Is Our VLC

Your job here is grasping every bit of the language either consciously or subconsciously.

Watch videos, movies, lectures, speeches, news etc. Listen to people around you who use English as their mode of conversation. Listen to songs, the radio, audio books. Don’t keep telling the same old lame excuse that you had studied in Tamil Medium School, start from now as there are plenty of other options.

Listen to Beginner level interviews like koffee with Karan and advanced level interviews could be found in Ellen show.

Best Spoken English Coaching Centre In Tambaram Is Our VLC

Memorize The Words And Phrases You Listen Or Learn.

It doesn’t end with listening, you must store the words, the expressions, the phrases and everything new you learn in your mind. And how does that happen? You got to repeat those words in your mind.

Create an imaginary dialogue with somebody using the new stuff you just learnt. Give a shape or a mood to the expressions or words in your mind. Always memorise words with sentences, this way you’ll remember easily.

Best Spoken English Coaching In Tambaram Is Sure Our VLC

Use Those New Words Or Phrases As Often As You Can To Improve Communication Skills.

Once a new word catches your attention, make sure you use it so many times that it comes out of your mouth without any effort, when you need to use that particular word.

For example: the word “Hello”, it won’t involve any processing time for your mind to use hello, because you already heard it, used it, read it too many times. So when you use them again and again it becomes familiar.

Undoubtedly The Best Spoken English Training In Tambaram Is VLC

Think In English

Your mind is your best friend when you use it wisely and the worst enemy when you misuse, and that is so true. Yes, command your mind to support you in learning the language. Ask it to be your speaking partner, one of the most important aspect to improve spoken English and communication skills.

Make role plays in your mind. You always talk in your mind, don’t you? As you now are eager to learn English, feel free to think in English. It’s as simple as that.

Spoken English Training Institute Of VLC Trains You With Ease

An English Speaking Partner Is The Most Needed One.

You need someone to correct you, clear your doubts, answer your questions, and practice the language with a reciprocation. VLC serves you that perfectly.

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Nothing Can Replace The Efforts You Put In

“Practice makes a man perfect”, is an old saying but it’s very very true!

If speaking a language was easy, everyone would be speaking so many languages.

No, nothing is easy!
Everything we want to achieve needs determination, unwavering faith in your hard work, consistency, Discipline and lots and lots and lots of practice.

Spoken English Online Coaching In Tambaram From VLC Saves Your Time And Paves Way To Flawless English.

Never Feel Disappointed, It Is Only Going To Get Better!

Patience is one more important concept when it comes to learning something new. We start to do things but sometimes we do not wait until we reach our goal. Remember “quitters never win and winners never quit”

So start something, perform, do the best you can but also, please wait and try harder, eventually you’ll get to the other end. Do not give up. When you want to give up think why you have started learning, remember nothing is impossible. Try harder and push further, success is yours.

A Very Important Tip! – Love The Language

What does love have to do anything with language?
There are many answers!

When you love the language, you will try to learn communication skills with little effort you’ll be able to memorize, you’ll enjoy the process of learning, you’ll understand the beauty of the language, you’ll never be tired!

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