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Experienced Instructors:

Our spoken English class is led by a team of highly experienced instructors.

Interactive Learning:

We believe in active learning. Our classes are designed to be interactive, engaging, and fun.

Small Class Sizes:

We keep our class sizes small to ensure that every student receives personalized attention.

Practical Skills:

Our focus is on equipping you with practical language skills that you can use in real-life situations.

Affordable Pricing:

We offer competitive and affordable pricing options, making our classes accessible to a wide range of learners.

Flexible Schedule:

That's why we offer flexible class timings, including evenings and weekends, to accommodate your lifestyle

Step By Step Process

How We Guide Our Students

First Set Your Goals

VLC Institute takes an adaptive approach to teaching that takes into account each student’s interests, learning style, and language learning goals.

Unique Study Materials

VLC Institute is an expert in designing a curriculum and developing materials for its classes that will be effective for the widest number of students to achieve their goals.

Pleasant Environment

VLC Institute takes an adaptive approach to teaching that takes into account each student’s interests, learning style, and language learning goals.

VLC Courses

Our Courses are Designed in International Standards

Spoken English

  • Start Fresh
  • Move forward
  • Chase your dreams


  • With customized training
  • Personalized attention
  • Reach your optimized score


  • Only 7 days teaching
  • Scientific methods
  • 100% result with money back guarantee


  • Advanced vocabulary
  • Idiomatic expression
  • One to one classes
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What People Are Saying About Us

Mohanasriram 07
Mohanasriram 07
I loved their teaching and speaking skills in a such a way....It was an awesome 1 month course in my experience...... I liked the skill styles they taught..... I will always keep remember about ur sessions...... Thank you sir and mam💕......
Dhana Lakshmi
Dhana Lakshmi
Your teaching techniques are very good and easyly understand. This course is more useful for school students and college students
K. Sathya
K. Sathya
VLC best place for learning English with friendly manner
Sarath Kumar
Sarath Kumar
Late one month i come with the class. The class going very well. Teaching method also good. Now I am strong grammer part. Thanking with VLC Institute and narayanan sir
Santhosh M
Santhosh M
I jonted vlc institute with lot of fear but his teaching very easy to understand grammar with some examples this class is very useful for me thank you vlc institute
In that grammar one month course I learnt so many knowledge.


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We are always here to help the needy people any where in the world

Any Question?

1. What is the goal of your spoken English institute?

Our goal is to help individuals improve their spoken English skills, enabling them to communicate confidently and effectively in both personal and professional settings.

2. Who can benefit from your courses?

Our courses are designed for learners of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you're a student, a working professional, or someone looking to enhance their English communication skills, our programs are suitable for everyone.

3. What types of courses do you offer?

We offer a range of courses, including General Spoken English courses, Business English courses, Exam preparation courses (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL), and customized training programs to meet specific needs.

4. How are your courses structured?

Our courses are thoughtfully structured with a focus on interactive sessions, practical conversation practice, and real-life scenarios. We aim to make learning enjoyable and effective.

5. Do you provide one-on-one coaching?

Yes, we offer one-on-one coaching sessions to provide personalized attention and address individual learning needs.

6. Who are your instructors?

Our instructors are experienced professionals with a strong background in English language teaching. They are dedicated to helping students achieve their language goals.

7. How do I enroll in a course?

Enrolling is easy! Visit our website, browse the course options, and follow the simple enrollment process. You can also contact our admissions team for assistance.

8. What is the duration of your courses?

Course durations vary depending on the program you choose. We offer flexible schedules, including short-term and long-term courses to suit your availability and goals.

9. What resources and materials do you provide to students?

We provide course materials, textbooks, online resources, and access to our learning platform to support your learning journey.

10. Can I track my progress during the course?

Yes, we offer progress tracking tools and periodic assessments to help you monitor your improvement.

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