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IELTS Regular


VLC brings you an array of IELTS training programs that help you secure HIGH BAND SCORES. VLC offers THREE NEW IELTS training tracks namely IELTS EXPRESS, IELTS SUPREME & IELTS FLEX, in addition to the REVISED IELTS REGULAR program. Each of these programs is offered with unmatched benefits, excellent courseware, superior guidance, valuable test-taking tips and dedicated trainers who can help bring out your peak performance

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IELTS Regular

VLC has significantly revised the content delivery of its existing IELTS Training module with enhanced duration of Grammar review covering almost all aspects of grammar combined with adequate exercises and sample practice drills. VLC’s IELTS Regular (Revised) will most likely be the BEST CHOICE for those who wish to undergo comprehensive training at a convenient pace.

IELTS Express

VLC’s IELTS Express is the right program for those who have desirable levels of fluency but lack the time and money to opt for comprehensive training covering all aspects of test-taking preparation. VLC launches this program keeping in mind the demanding work schedules of the working professionals and those who lack the ambience at home to get self-trained.

IELTS Express is likely to be the Right Choice for those who wish to take the IELTS test at the earliest before migrating to other countries or for those who wish to pursue their higher education at any of the universities abroad.

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IELTS Supreme

VLC brings you the advantage of IELTS Supreme for those of you who wish to devote some time to get a quick refresher on grammar before attending the fast-paced IELTS Express* training program. This program gives you an opportunity to remove some of the most important Grammar related shortcomings within a short period.

Needless to say, IELTS Supreme comes with a bundle of benefits as offered in IELTS Regular and IELTS Express tracks


VLC brings you this IELTS Training Program at your convenience. IELTS Flex is an all-new option that is aimed at those with the objective of delivering Customized Training Sessions to meet specific requirements of an individual or a group.

All IELTS Training Programs offered by VLC help the test-taker achieve the best possible BAND SCORES in the paper based test by administering a variety of practice tests and model tests. Test-Takers can realize their individual peak performances through additional constant practice at home.

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